Answer for Can I get a permit without hiring a general contractor?

Yes, you can get an owner-builder permit. You need to comply with this requirements:

1. The owner must prove to the Building Official, or a designee, that he has the knowledge and ability to do the work. Test will be administered.

2. Proof of ownership (warranty deed, closing statement, or Miami-Dade County tax Bill).

3. An owner may apply for a permit, supervise and do the work in connection with the construction, maintenance, repair, alteration, and addition to a single-family or duplex residence for his own use, occupancy, and not intended for sale.

4. No more than one (1) permit shall be issued to an owner for the construction of a new single-family or duplex residence in any twenty-four (24) month period. Permits for alterations and additions, or plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or gas installations shall be issued only in connection with one single-family or duplex residence in any twenty-four (24) month period, although more than one permit may be issued for such work on the same single-family or duplex residence during that period.

5. The owner must come in person between the office hours for review of permit documents and application.

6. The permit application and affidavit must be signed and notarized.

7. If there is a violation on the property:
a. No building permit will be issued to a homeowner to cover illegal work.
b. The work must be done by a general contractor or a specialty contractor licensed to do the work.
c. Permits for all work must be obtained (i.e. Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, etc.).
d. An architects or engineers report may be required, certifying that the work was done in accordance with the applicable code, and general construction practices as a substitute for required inspections.