Because the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of PERMITORS is looking to give to this industry all the confidence this market needs, we look for an Errors & Omissions insurance that will take care about any issue that the PERMITOR could have with his client under an extraordinary circumstances.

This Association would recommend you to contact our insurance broker that would be able to give you the best service and prices for our profession Nationwide.

More Confidence. More Business!!!

If you don’t have an Errors & Omissions Insurance when you become a PERMITOR, you can get a proposal from our partner provider. Please fill pout the application for our insurance provider and they will contact you with the best offer as soon as they get your information.

This service is provided by a third party where NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of PERMITORS is not participating and because this reason, the Association is not responsible o liable by any mean for services provide by this third companies.  Please refer also to our Terms & Conditions policy.