The National Association of PERMITORS Rating system is our effort to evaluate a PERMITOR based on the information available on each PERMITOR’s profile as a member of our National Association of PERMITORS.

We create the rating using a model that considers information the PERMITOR has included on its profile in addition to information we collect from the public, background check and other information such as their contribution label on our website as a PERMITOR. Any information that affects the National Association of PERMITORS Rating is visible on each PERMITOR’s profile.

Why the National Association of PERMITORS Rating can help you find the right PERMITOR:

There is no bias.

The rating is calculated using a mathematical model, and all PERMITORs are evaluated on the same set of standards. This model is not public. This Association may change the mathematical model base on the industry needs.

The National Association of PERMITORS Rating cannot be bought.

At National Association of PERMITORS, all PERMITORs are treated equally. We don’t play favorites, and PERMITORs can’t pay us to improve their ratings.

It was developed by building permits and business licenses professionals and people looking for this kind of services.

The model used to calculate the rating was developed with input from building permit expeditors, consumers, and other related professionals (General Contractors, Architects, etc.) who deeply understand the work PERMITORs do. We created the National Association of PERMITORS Rating to reflect the type of information people have identified as important when looking to hire a PERMITOR.

It’s as simple as counting to 10.

Ratings fall on a scale of 1 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest), helping you quickly assess a PERMITOR’s background based on our rating.

The National Association of PERMITORS Rating is based only on the information we have collected and that the PERMITOR has provided, so we don’t recommend the National Association of PERMITORS Rating as the only piece of information you use to evaluate whether a PERMITOR is right for you. The rating is a tool that provides a snapshot assessment of a PERMITOR’s background, and should be considered alongside other information.

Frequently Asked Consumer Questions about the PERMITORating

We calculate the rating based on public data we’ve collected on each PERMITOR and the information they have provided in their profile. Information not supplied by the PERMITOR comes from a variety of sources, including public records (Background check), colleagues endorsements, reviews, etc.

This information is then considered and weighted by our mathematical module to calculate a numerical rating, ranging from 1 to 10. If we have limited information on a PERMITOR, we may give them a rating of “Attention” or “No Concern.” We take into account factors that consumers and professionals believe are relevant to a PERMITOR’s qualifications, including experience and education.


The data that we take into account is all displayed on a PERMITOR’s profile. However, we do not disclose the weight we give to this information so that no one can game the system, boosting their rating through unfair advantage. Much as Google doesn’t share its search engine secrets, we don’t share the inner-workings of the National Association of PERMITORS Rating so we can maintain the neutrality and integrity of the rating.

Algo subjetivo que solo sirve, para comparer unos con otros ya que, por ejemplo, tener un 5, no quiere decir que uno sea malo cuando quiza sea el rating mas alto de ese estado, … y ademas ahgora que estamos empezando aun no tenemos todos los datos necearios para poder dar una clasificacion no numérica


Keep in mind that these ratings speak to a PERMITOR’s background, knowledge, past performance on individual cases, etc., but do not evaluate their personality, or communication skills. These are elements that the National Association of PERMITORS Rating cannot evaluate.

In some instances, we are only able to collect publicly-available information about a PERMITOR from public sources, such as other organizations, websites, etc. In those cases, we display a PERMITORating of either “Attention” or “No Concern.” “Attention” is given if there is information in public records that, in our opinions, you should be aware of, such as disciplinary action against a PERMITOR. Otherwise we display the “No Concern” rating if there are no red flags. Whether “Attention” or “No Concern”, you should research the PERMITOR further to get a better understanding of their background and experience.

National Association of PERMITORS does not provide any rating in instances where it would not be useful, such as if the PERMITOR is deceased or serving as a public official.

An PERMITOR may request we remove the rating from their profile, and we honor those requests for PERMITORs who have not been disciplined and who are not looking for clients. These profiles will read “National Association of PERMITORS Rating Not Displayed”, and will not appear on practice area search listings in National Association of PERMITORS’s directory.

Yes. National Association of PERMITORS creates a profile for every PERMITOR that is being used to get a rating based on information provided only by members of our National Association of PERMITORS. Free profiles have a free access to the National Association of PEMRITORS but not to all services. The National Association of PERMITORS Rating cannot be influenced by advertising or other forms of payment.

PERMITORs can lose their rights for falsifying data, and we don’t believe they will take that risk on their National Association of PERMITORS profile. We also rely on our community of users to ensure data on National Association of PERMITORS is as accurate as possible. If you see information on a PERMITOR profile that you know to be incorrect, pleasecontact us and we will investigate the issue. If a PERMITOR is found to have intentionally posted false information, among other penalties, it will impact their level of professional conduct and negatively impact their PERMITORating or rights to be part of our National Association of PERMITORS

Frequently Asked Members Questions about the PERMITORating

We do not “adjust” ratings by request, nor do we remove PERMITORating from their profiles.

National Association of PERMITORS’s goal is to make it easier for everyone to navigate the often-opaque building permits or business licenses industries. We create profiles and collect publicly available data. Claiming your profile on National Association of PERMITORS allows you to add more information about you and your practice, allowing us to provide a more accurate National Association of PERMITORS Rating.

Colleague endorsements do affect your PERMITORating, as well as client reviews. This is because colleagues endorsements–one PERMITOR endorsing another’s skills and experience–are a way to assess industry recognition, which is a factor in how we calculate a PERMITORating. Client reviews play a very important role for people looking to hire a PERMITOR, that’s the reason why we have chosen to include that information when calculating the PERMITORating.

If you have a PERMITORating of “No Concern” or “Attention”, you can receive a numerical rating by claiming your profile. When you claim your profile on National Association of PERMITORS, we will automatically calculate the numerical rating and display it on your profile and in search results. A profile cannot be unclaimed once you have claimed it as your own.

If you already have a numerical PERMITORating, your score may change as you update and provide more information in your profile, especially work experience, contributions, etc. However, please make sure that the information you provide is accurate; inaccurate data could negatively impact your PERMITORating. If you believe a public record contains inaccurate information about you that is affecting your PERMITORating, you can contact the appropriate organization and ask to have the record changed. When we collect that data again, your rating may change to reflect the new information we are able to assess.

We will not change numerical ratings upon request. Because the PERMITORating is based on a mathematical model that is applied in the same way to every PERMITOR, we are unable to change individual ratings. When you update your profile with more information, your rating may change: the more we know about you, the better we can determine your numerical National Association of PERMITORS Rating.

Additionally, it is the responsibility of each PERMITOR to ensure that any information or advertisements they place on National Association of PERMITORS, and any communication they may have with prospective clients through the National Association of PERMITORS site, comply with the rules of professional conduct regulating the form, manner, and content of communications with clients, advertising, or other matter.

Yes, a PERMITORating may change over time. As we collect more information about a PERMITOR, their PERMITORating gets recalculated and the score may adjust based on the new information provided or find. Finally, we may periodically adjust the mathematical model used to calculate the PERMITORating, which could result in a change to all PERMITOR’s numerical rating.