Answer for What are Architectural Plans?

To put it simply, architectural plans are the overall design of a building. In addition to the design, they offer notes with detailed specifications regarding important components to the plan such as materials that will be used, area calculations, and more. Prior to construction, architectural plans are meticulously reviewed by the applicable city departments in the jurisdiction in which the project is located.
Architectural plans break-down each of the following components into granular details:
• Scope of work to be conducted
• Floor plans
• Elevations
• Area Calculations
• Fixtures and Materials
• Demo Plans (if applicable)
• Code Analysis (i.e. egress requirements, applicable codes, use, occupant load, etc)
It’s important to note here that while permit issuance and city council meeting minutes become a matter of public record, architectural plans remain private and cannot be accessed at the jurisdictional level without proof of ownership.