Answer for What are Pre-Submittal Reviews?

pre-submittal review is a meeting between applicants and city representatives that gives the two sides a chance to discuss a project prior to the official application process. During a pre-submittal review, the applicants can ask questions and receive information on requirements, allowing them to have a more comprehensive understanding of what to expect during the application process.
Pre-submittal reviews often take place with complex or high-profile projects. For example, a project involving a ground-up build of a car dealership would be a great scenario for such a review. A project of this scope is more complex in nature due to the large size and strict zoning requirements. In this scenario, the applicants will likely have many questions about zoning, operation restrictions, planning implications, service requirements and much more. The city’s responses to the applicants’ questions will better guide how they design their project.
In addition to helping applicants understand requirements better, pre-submittal reviews can be beneficial to city representatives. Pre-submittal reviews give plan reviewers a heads-up that they will be receiving a large project, so that they are better prepared and understand what to expect.