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Due to a deep understanding of regional codes and jurisdictions, a PERMITOR can prevent a client from making timely, expensive errors. He/she will be able to recognize issues during the preliminary review and due diligence phases of a project and work to build a solution that will mitigate problems before they even hit the planning department. To dive deeper, let’s discuss common errors and mistakes that applicants are subject to making without the consultation of an experienced Permit Expediter. Not Submitting to all Required Departments Depending on a project’s scope of work, an applicant may need to submit his/her application to multiple departments. For example, any work pertaining to restaurants will require submittals to health in addition to the general planning department in that jurisdiction. A permit expediter has knowledge of the different departments that will be involved in the process and will advise clients accordingly so that they do not leave out any of the required departments. Lack of Required Paperwork Different jurisdictions have different paperwork requirements, therefore it’s common for an applicant to accidentally omit a necessary piece of paperwork when submitting to a planning committee. For example, he/she may not know that in Texas you must submit a TDLR registration with your paperwork or in North Carolina, you must file for a Lean Agent to get the building permit issued. Permit Expediters are familiar with these variable requirements and will make sure you have the correct paperwork needed to meet local regulations. Time Delays Without having the resources to regularly follow-up with planning officials, an application can get lost in the shuffle. PERMITORS consistently check in with the planning department to confirm the application status as well as determine the best route to expedite the process. Additionally, through performing regular visits to local jurisdictions, PERMITORS have created relationships with representatives making it easier to touch base and access information pertinent to the application. In conclusion, the permit process can be difficult and convoluted. Having a PERMITOR on your side to walk you through the process might just save you from falling down the rabbit hole of overspending, making mistakes, and extending deadlines.


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